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Safety Issues With Glaze
Lesson Number 27
There are various dangers associated with working as a potter but with adequate care and a few simple precautions they should be avoided.

The problem areas fall essentially into three areas of your workshop practice:

  • the handling of raw materials
  • The handling of wet materials e.g. glaze slops
  • the firing of glazes
  • physical problems resulting from work conditions.
  • the use of fired work particularly for functional domestic pottery that may come into contact with food.

As this is a glaze course we will confine our discussion largely to those dangers which result from the handling firing and use of ceramic products.

In this lesson we will look at:

  • dangers from the handling of raw materials, both storage and in the weighing out of recipes.
  • health issues that can result from exposure to the fumes given off by glazes during firing.
  • how the interaction of food with some fired glazes can pose a danger to health.

It is well to remember that many of exposures the that we will discuss may not be a problem in the short term but are often accummulative and can become serious health issues over a number of years.

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