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Glaze software - Matrix - Formula to Recipe (Part 3 )
Lesson Number 17
Changing the Melt Quality of a Glaze by Manipulating the Formula

When we are faced with the task of changing the melt quality of a recipe the most efficient way of doing this is to firstly create a new recipe which is designed to encapsulate the changes we desire to a significant degree. We can then generate a line blend between the original recipe and the new recipe using volumetric blending techniques. Somewhere along this line blend will be a recipe which has the amount of change required.

While we can generate a new recipe in the Recipe to Formula environment, sometimes this can be a fiddly and time consuming task. In the Formula to Recipe environment we can go right to the heart of the matter and make changes to the unity formula of the original glaze, create the new recipe and then generate the line blend in the Blends Environment.

This lesson works through this process using an example where we wish to make a glaze mature at a cone or two lower without losing it's basic quality.

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