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Glaze software - Matrix - Formula to Recipe (Part 2 )
Lesson Number 16
Entering a New Formula and Creating a Recipe from the Formula.

The capacity to design a recipe from scratch initially as a unity formula is a useful facilty provided in most glaze software packages. These days more and more emphasis is being placed on the presentation of a glaze in unity formula form. This universal perspective on a glaze can be communicated to any part of the world where it may be converted into a recipe (Week 23)

In the Formula to Recipe environment of Matrix you can enter a unity formula and convert it into a recipe in next to no time.

The capacity to enter a formula allows you to design your own glaze using your knowledge of unity formulation guided by the various sets of limits available in Matrix.

In this lesson you will learn to enter a formula intially provided in the publication "Glazes - Cone 6" by Michael Bailey and then you will convert that formula into a recipe using the Preselect option introduced in lesson 15.

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