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Glaze software - Matrix - Formula to Recipe (Part 1 )
Lesson Number 15
Creating a new recipe from a unity formula - Preselect Mode.

So far in this programme of instruction we have focused on the manipulation and evaluation of glazes from the perspective of the Recipe. Using Matrixwe have been able to enter a recipe into the Recipe to Formula environment and assess the fired state of the glaze by examining the unity formula. Comparing a unity formula with oxide limits established by researchers in the field of glaze chemistry gives us some idea of the fired quality of the glaze.

The manipulation of a glaze in order to change its fired quality has been confined to changes made at the recipe level. The unity formula generated by each change we make in this process has provided us with guidance as to the possible fired quality of the new or changed glaze.

In previous lessons we made changes to recipes in the Recipe to Formula environment. By using two recipe panels we could make changes to a recipe comparing the results of the changes against the original recipe preserved in the other panel. In some cases achieving a particular objective using this process was complicated and required an intimate knowledge of the analysis of the raw materials involved. The domino effect of changes made to complex materials in a recipe made the process quite frustrating as many of you discovered.

In the next series of lessons we are going to switch our primary focus to the heart of the matter - the unity formula. We are going to make the unity formula the starting point in the design of a glaze or as a mechanism for making very specific changes to an existing glaze.

Matrix offers various functions for converting a unity formula into a recipe. These will be used in cases where glazes are being designed from scratch or a recipe is being recreated using new materials or where a glaze formula has been manipulated to improve or change its quality.

This lesson takes you through the process of entering a recipe into the Recipe to Formula environment and converting it into a new recipe with an identical unity formula in the Formula to Recipe environment.

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